How will you know that an online casino site is genuine?


The demand for online casino games has gone up these days. Due to that, there are so many sites that have come up to meet the many demands. Scammers have also taken advantage of the situation to fool online poker gamers. That is to say, if you are careful enough, you will end up in the hands of scammers, lose all the money you had invested in online casino games and have very bad gaming experience. Therefore, you need to make sure that an online casino Singapore site is legitimate and safe for playing. There are so many ways to know if an online casino site is genuine and right for you. Below are some of the things that will help you tell if a site is genuine and legitimate

The license

Any business whether operating on-land or online must have a license. Any online casino site should have a certificate of license. Somewhere in front of the website, the information about their license should be made available for the customers. Different countries have their own rules and regulations in regards to online casino games licensing. If a site has provided their license information, check to make sure that it is valid. Also, check to make sure that the site has complied with other rules and regulations of setting up an online casino business. You can always confirm with your local authority if the site is legitimate and safe to play with or not. Do not invest in any site that is not licensed. Chances are, you are falling into a scammer trap.

Their location

Apart from the license information, any legitimate online casino site should provide information on their location. Check on the website to see the company name and the office location. It should also state clearly the country and the town or street where it is located. The location is a way to verify that the website truly exists.

Copyright information

This is also another very important factor to check before you invest in any website. Try to find out if the site has made its copyright information available. If it is available. Find out if at all it is current. If the copyright is current, it shows that the company management pays attention to details. It is also a good sign that that is the right site to invest in.


A secure site is a site that you should consider investing in. before you make your deposit, try to find out how safe your money is. Apart from that, make sure that all the information that give when you are setting up an account is confidential. Check if the company offers customer security. You can also check if the information is encrypted as a way of safeguarding the customer’s interest. At the end of the day, only settle for a site that is willing to safeguard your interests.

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