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Total Slots

You can play the total slots now by visiting the site. The total slots have a collection of trendy games which is loved by gamblers. Players love to try out the new games uploaded in this section.

You can either try playing a single game in different ways to win it, or you can also play multiple games to see which of them you like.

The total slots section will get you a complete feel of playing the gambling games by providing all the features in one place. The games are affordable to bet on. The price of these games can even be afforded by a college-going student.

Earn a lot of cash

You can earn a lot of cash by playing the games on this site. There is no restriction up to which you can earn. Earn as long as you are active on the site and play the games. The website doesn’t have agents and hence players can be assured that they will be betting against real players only.

Playing against real players the users will get the chance of winning the entire prize amount rather than giving away a percentage of it to the agents. The website doesn’t charge anything like the transaction fee and the processing fee.

This is why the winning rate, as well as the earning rate of this site, is high. All the players get a fair chance of winning the games on the website. A user gets a few free credits on the site as they create their account. This however is a limited-time offer and hence players get to try out the games using them.

The free credits can also be used to convert real cash by withdrawing them to their respective bank accounts. You must link your bank account to the site if you wish to carry out the regular transactions.


You can leave a review after you complete playing a round of any new game. This reviews section helps the website to move forward in search engine results and make the new users believe that it is a genuine site.

The reviews should be short and easy to understand by the readers. You can write about the game you just finished playing, which part in the game you love the most and which part you would like to see a bit modified in the upcoming versions.

All of this not only helps the new gamblers but also the developers, to get to know their users well. These suggestions are taken care of while releasing the newer versions of the games.


In this article, we have read about the reviews and the total slots. We also read about ways to earn a lot of cash.

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