If you are one of those people who is totally hooked up in playing online roulette in casino sites and casino applications, it would be too impossible that you have not come across bonuses. For sure you already read it and sometimes you just ignore it.

Too bad for you, although it may seem very annoying that your favorite online casino site or casino application frequently emails you that you have unclaimed bonuses on your account, but you should actually take advantage of it rather than deleting it on your inbox.

If you do not know what bonuses are generous offers that players get something, or it is part of the perks that you have signed up and paid for, you would get something extra out of it. This can take into different types of bonuses from free spins, free deposit matchings, bonus cash, or on-site currency and others that you can use for betting and online gambling. Casinos offer bonuses as a sign-up treat or any specific promotions it has to entice more gamblers to sign-up to its site.

In this post, let us discuss the different types of these casino bonuses so that the next time you are given one of it, you can utilize it to maximize your total online gambling experience especially when you play your favorite online roulette game.

  • Deposit bonus- This one is the first bonus that you may have encountered after you successfully signed-up and made your first deposit to an online casino. Players at online casinos and casino applications usually get this kind of reward with a generous deposit bonus that usually matches the amount of money you have deposited to your account. The bonus can be used to several games that accept bonuses as bets. This type of bonus can also be doubled and you will also get twice as much when you play. This means that you can earn loads of extra free money or in-game currency so that you can play more games.
  • Free spins- Another type of free bonus that you can earn in online casinos and casino mobile applications are free spins. This type of online bonus is just like a no-deposit bonus, but what makes it totally different from other types of online bonus is that you can only use the amount of bonus money to particular games, and you can only use a specific amount of the bonus in each round of the game you play. Meaning you cannot use the entire amount and go all in with your online roulette game or other types of online casino games. This type of online bonus is usually given during special holidays or occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, and Chinese New Year, along with other occasions.
  • Free bets- This type of online bonus can be given randomly to any online casino sites especially if it offers newly published online casino games, or you sign up to any newsletters, promotional offers, and other types of marketing gimmicks that an online casino has. This can be used as a bet in either card gaming room, online roulette, online casino games, and sports betting sites.

By Lucy

Lucy Thompson: Lucy, a sports betting enthusiast, provides tips, strategies, and analysis on sports betting markets across a variety of sports.