It is time for some rejoicing for the poker lovers! The biggest poker sites are now available on Windows phones. Game developers have now made microsoft blackjack for mobile phones available and this is an interesting development for the gambling lovers. Read on to unearth the best sites and offers.

Windows Phone Poker in a Nutshell

Playing poker in Windows phone online is safe and secure to get started with and from any place, provided there is access to the Internet. It runs smoothly, without any hassle and has the best graphics on offer.

How to play Windows phone poker

As Windows has been the leading edge of technology, it has created a host of feasible and easily operated mobile devices. With perfect apps for Windows phone, one can play Texas Hold’em in an instant while competing with players across the globe.

It is only as easy as said, the interested ones can drop by the app Marketplace and download their favourite gambling application, register and play right away.  Moreover, most of the apps available are free of cost. So get ready to have the best poker play.

Guide to Online Poker for Windows Phones

  • Browse through the list of recommended sites and find the suitable one by analysing bonuses, reviews and options.
  • Visit the Marketplace for the preferred sites to download the applications available. Check the reviews to be doubly sure.
  • Downloading is simple and similar to all other social networking or video streaming apps.
  • Download by following the steps listed. Then it requires the player to register, usually by providing the email address and a password.
  • Login to start playing and embracing Lady Luck!

Windows Phone Poker – FAQ

Can I play poker on a Windows Phone?

Yes! As already mentioned, there are a number of ways to do so. It can be played on the Windows Phone-specific app, but if a poker site is not Windows Phone-compatible, it can be played on the phone’s browser.

Why should I play on my Windows phone?

Why not give it a try, when it is so exciting and easy. When the game play is so stupendous and it enables the player to interact with others throughout the world, isn’t it worth a try? It will make every attempt a huge social event whenever someone logs in to play.

Which phones are supported?

It supports most of the Windows phone. However, if it does not allow access, then there is poker room’s actual site where it can be played if the phone model is old.

Can I play for real money?

Yes! All the recommend sites offer online play for real money from any Windows Phone.

Do I need an app or can I use a site?

That absolutely depends on the online community one is playing with. It is obviously a better experience when playing on a Windows Phone-specific app. But due to the increasing popularity, the chief poker companies are optimizing their sites.

How do I make deposits and withdrawals?

At first, an account should be created with the poker company to play with. After that, the money is to be deposited through e-wallet and credit. Once the money is processed through to the account, the user can begin playing.

What is the best Windows poker app?

That depends entirely on the user! After going through the reviews one can decide that for themselves.

Am I playing against users of other platforms?

This is again dependent on the poker community. There are certain sites where the user is required to play against other mobile users, but majority of them will provide a combined network.

Is it safe and reliable?

One can be rest assured about the security and reliability of any online poker room recommended as they are certified legally by the local government and a testing agency. Regular quality testing is done by these organizations for optimum safety.

Can I play without internet?

Some poker sites may allow playing offline for fake money. Beyond that, it cannot be played offline for real money logistical issues.

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