One of the most grand and popular winning of poker is said to be as the amount won by the American businessman and producer Tarik Freitekh who resides in Dubai of Jordon. The world is congratulating him on his huge win which has put him more towards the celebrity lifestyle. However, before the win, he was quite a celebrity and a rich man as owner of international distribution company in Dubai. He also has a recording studio in Hollywood as in California. The famous figure has always kept in touch with great celebrities which was often captured by media. He has been lately spotted with Justin bieber, Bradley cooper, Akon, Roman pierce and many more. This grand wining has really become huge sensation in Hollywood especially among his circle of Hollywood fraternity. Now, he is celebrating his wining and enjoying being a man of net worth around $300 million.  Mr. Freitekh always have been indulged in various production of short films, advertisements, music videos and creative film but playing poker tournament made him another grand winner today. Being asked about the wining, he replied about being playing tournaments in future also but never make it as a full time career after all, his personality and career represents him as what he is, even after this big win.

By Lucy

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