Beginners that walk into the casino have tons of games to choose from. The flashing lights and inviting sounds of the slot machines grab some right away. Others want to go straight to the poker tables to try what they have seen on ESPN. And still more want to try their hands at blackjack, which gives the best possible odds to the individual casino-goer.

Roulette may seem like one of the hardest games to win when you walk into the casino. You just throw down chips on a random number and hope the the wheel spins in your favor. You can pray to whoever you like, but you have no way of controlled where that little ball lands.

But there are some strategies for how to bet the roulette wheel and increase your odds of winning. Read on to learn the basics and how to improve your odds at this house-leaning game. As you learn, you can try to play on the Internet at outlets like 188Bet’s Live Casino.

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Roulette is French for “little wheel.” Bet you didn’t know that. On this particular wheel there are 36 numbers and a zero. You can bet on specific numbers or that the ivory ball ends up on one of the dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) or one of the columns. You can even place bets on whether it ends up on red, black, even or odd. But, as you will see, some bets pay more than others.

And know the difference between the French-style tables and American tables. French render the zero as 0. American tables have the zero as 00. This comes into play later.

Bet Inside

Inside bets are the way to go in roulette. These are bets placed on specific numbers, which have higher paying odds. The highest pay out is going to be on a straight up bet, where you place your money on one number, which pays 35-1.

Avoid the Outside

Betting outside the specific numbers means you are going to end up putting your chips on a red or black, even or odd, one of the columns or the dozens. Or even high and low. These bets tend to pay out 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 at best. Makes sense to stay away from these.

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The Single Zero vs. Double Zero

Stick with the French on this one. French tables, you will remember, have the single zero. That gives the casino an edge to the tune of 2.7%. On an American table, the 00 increases the house’s advantage to 5.26%. You are better off with the French on this one.

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