Surely you have seen plenty of cat pictures on the Internet – after all, they’re everywhere, and the memes of our feline friends continue to grow in popularity day by day. As a matter of fact, if you use your most popular search engine and click on cat pictures or cat memes, you’ll be bombarded with a list that is guaranteed to keep you busy the whole day.

If you love our furry friends in the same way the rest of the world seems to, then we have a great list for you. Which of these have captivated our hearts and minds the most? Who are the most popular felines on the Internet? Let’s find out.

Being grumpy beats them all

It’s the original, from Arizona, USA – it’s exactly why the cat became the most popular animal on the Internet in the first place. Grumpy Cat – the name of the video, made by owner Brian Bundesen, who says he didn’t have to do any Photoshop magic to make it happen. The video was originally posted on Reddit and took off from there, with great speed.

It’s funny when they stand

Here we have to go to France – the owners of the cat (named Rocky), Daisy and Yann, were able to catch this feline standing on its hind legs. He does it all the time, apparently, and they found it strange because they didn’t know what the cat was watching, or who taught him to do it. The video became famous in 2009.

Fitting into the box

There are plenty of videos and images of cats in boxes to be found, but the original came from Japan, and a cat called Maru. It’s not just the box that makes it funny – think about kitchen drawers and other weird places.

Henri does it again

Henri – Le chat noire (the black cat) – is also an all-time favorite. This cat from Seattle loves to star in videos that reflect his philosophy; which he then narrates in French. This cat actually makes about $1,000 a week, advertising cat food.

Truth is, the list goes on and on – there are many of our feline companions that haven’t been mentioned yet. The list is simply too long; there are cats that know how to dance, that seem to ride a bicycle in mid-air, that look as if they are very bored with whatever their owner is up to, that refuse to take a bath, or that call their human friend on command of a bell. They all play their part and they all amuse us in their own way. Why? Well, maybe because we can all relate, and because humor is a necessity in life. Enjoy those cat memes, and keep uploading them! You even have a chance to create your own memes with meme creators through slots games!

By Lucy

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