If you are a person that likes gambling, most certainly you are familiar with casinos. Casinos started to be more popular after the First World War and represented a quick escape from the chaos that was in the World. A few years have passed and they are still a pretty popular experience for those who enjoy gambling.

But we’ve come a long way, now the experience of a casino shrinked down in a mobile website that it’s accessible from all of the corners of the world, you just need an Internet connection and a device to browse the site. The Internet brings many advantages to this niche, offering the possibility of hosting an entire gaming experience on a website that has a few hundred megabytes in size and can cost just a few thousand dollars to maintain annually , but this depends from case to case.

The idea is that it’s more cost-effective, secure and efficient from many perspectives to own and manage an online casino, but this raises the question: does the off-line casino experience would still be present in the near future. This depends on many factors, just because it’s a vast and fast-changing environment. It can be really hard to predict precisely the future of this niche, but what is certain is that in the near future the offline casino experience will suffer some major changes.

Nowadays is becoming harder and harder to convince the customer to come to a brick-and-mortar location , it’s easier for them to top up and online account and start their bids from there. This offers them the possibility to browse hundreds, maybe thousands of games without moving 1 m from their apartment block . But in the case of the offline casinos, there isn’t a valid and practical way of replacing the human interaction , at least for now , that most of us need when you’re enjoying a table game at the casino. We very much enjoy also the social factor regarding gambling. Communicating with the people around , making new relationships , and also having fun. When you’re alone at home by yourself this is really hard to accomplish that , you can look weird if you do so . But things will change in the near future thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality, but there isn’t yet a virtual casino that does it right, at least not now. Right in this moment the only thing that mimics somehow the real-life casino experience is the lifestream casino games. Here the game hosts assists you with the game, but there is still a barrier, that barrier being the fact that you cannot interact directly with the host. VR will change that! You can put on your virtual goggles look around environment see the other people that are on the table and gambling with you and so on.

The conclusion is that the online casino experience is better in some ways but misses some key points that the real life experience brings. In the near future with technologies like VR will be able to copy the real life experience, but at least for a few year, we cannot replicated entirely, that’s why i believe that real life casinos will still have they place.

By Lucy

Lucy Thompson: Lucy, a sports betting enthusiast, provides tips, strategies, and analysis on sports betting markets across a variety of sports.