Ever since the introduction of online gambling in the 1990’s, players have increasingly turned to online casinos to gamble. While the desktop computer reigned supreme for decades, mobile connectivity changed everything. Now, it’s estimated that 65% of gamblers prefer mobile play over desktop. But why?

Mobile and app-based casinos are becoming the leader in internet gambling, for good reason. Mobile connectivity lets gamblers play when and where they want. Major brands like MuchGames have arisen to guide players to the new and exciting casino apps and mobile casinos, which are quickly becoming the preferred method of gambling online.

Mobile gambling is such a driver in the casino industry that almost every major online casino now offers mobile compatibility. Some casinos are simply making their websites mobile friendly, while others are starting from scratch with a whole catalog of mobile apps and casino games.

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All of this renovation is paying dividends. Some analysts predict mobile casino revenue will reach nearly $100 billion by 2019. While that sounds like an impossible number to some people in the industry, it’ not just a pipe dream, especially considering social gaming.

Social gaming is the newest trend fueling online casino revenue, and it doesn’t even involve gambling. Social games are casino games that are played for fun, not money. The most popular social casino game is slots, by far. What’s most intriguing about social casino gaming is that there’s no monetary incentive for players. There are no payouts or jackpots, just the gameplay itself to keep players coming back for more.

The major revenue sources for operators of social casino games are in-app purchases (like more credits, avatar personalizations, pay tournaments, etc.), and in-game advertising. Ads are  a big part of social gaming, and players, while they probably don’t love them, have gotten used to them as a part of getting to play for free.

With social gaming as a big driving factor for the future of online gambling, it becomes easier to see where analysts are getting these huge projections. Don’t forget about VR. Virtual reality is still in its early stages, but if the indications are correct, VR casino gaming will impact the industry in a big way.

All of these new and exciting innovations are changing the way players interact with their favorite online casinos. It’s very exciting to think about what the future holds, but if it’s anything like is being predicted, get ready to see desktop gaming slowly phase out as mobile and app-based casino gaming takes over.

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